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【公式】社会起業家を育成するソーシャルビジネススクール 社会起業大学

about Social Entrepreneur College

Greetings from the President

Social Entrepreneur College (SEC) is the first institution established for aiming to develop social entrepreneur in Japan, and has contributed to the society for a decade. Those graduates are now more than 600 and are active in wide range of fields.

In this country, many people have profited greatly from current social system for a long time. However, social disparity, poverty issue, and environmental problem, these negative aspects of current system have been actualized in recent years, and assumed serious proportions year by year.

At the same time, we believe there are many potential business opportunities.
We are convinced human resources really required is who doesn't away from this brutal reality and is able to confront the difficulties.

Social entrepreneurs who have attitudes making our world to be better is expected. Let's get start thinking about social issues and how to contribute to our society throughout social business.

There is no better happiness than "using your talents to help someone".


Hiroki Hayashi
Social Entrepreneur College

Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are different from entrepreneurs who focus on pursuing profits. The primary goal of social entrepreneurs is social change through social contribution. This is not only a new category of business but also way of living.

Strength of Social Entrepreneur College

  1. “SEC METHOD”(Social Entrepreneur College Method)
    The “SEC METHOD is our original method, established through our decade history, to develop the social entrepreneurs based on “My Talents”, “Social Issues” and “Business Management.
  2. Essence of MBA
    Our program offers you the basic MBA knowledge and skills for building up your own social business plan and starting up your business. By learning the essence of MBA from lectures and case studies, you will be able to deeply understand business management.
  3. Dialogue Based Class
    “Learning from others” is the most fundamental in the “SEC METHOD”, and so dialogue or discussion is important in classes. You will be encouraged to communicate with others for expanding your point of view and critical thinking.
  4. Guest lecturers
    We always invite selected guest speakers who are in the front lines of the academic institutions, political organization as well as social business sectors. You would broaden your view and deepen your thoughts through those opportunities.
  5. Safe and Secure Community
    In some cases, you are required to share about yourself with classmates for direct and honest communication to build up your business plan. Of course, we ensure confidentiality and secure your personal information and thought in our institution.
  6. Office Staffs with Hospitality
    Hospitality is one of our specialty that is different from other business schools. Each of office staffs listen to you and assist you with 100% hospitality.
    You are always welcome even after graduation.
  7. Network of 600 Graduates
    The most valuable asset in our decade history is more than 600 graduates.
    Graduates would be your mentors and friends throughout your business life. They also will help you before starting up your business.



The “SEC METHOD” is the core of our institution. The “SEC METHOD” consists of “My Talents”, “Social Issues” and “Business Management.”
Firstly, you discover and define your own talent and strength that differentiate yourself from other people by executing personal inventory.
Secondly, you connect your talent to your focusing theme of social issues that is so called “mission” we define.
Finally, you combine these two components with management to accomplish your mission.
This concept is our own original method now and forever on the planet.

Course Guide

term belt

Understanding concept of the "SEC METHOD", discovering the personal mission and differentiation of the business.

Establishing the social entrepreneurship through learning business and revenue model.

Learning management skills after start up.

Discovering mission and uniqueness.

1st Term

Building business plan and establishing entrepreneurship.

2nd Term

Starting up

3rd Term


Understanding concept of the "SEC METHOD", discovering the personal mission and differentiation of the business.

Establishing the social entrepreneurship through learning business and revenue model.

Learning management skills after start up.


  • Business Plan
    Business Plan is your compass to accomplish your vision directly connected to “better world for the next generation.”
  • Presentation Skills
    You can learn presentation skills for getting support from the business partners, investors, and any kinds of stakeholders to accomplish your business plan.
  • Network
    You could build up the network to cooperate with other students through our curriculum, and it would be the lifelong partnership.
  • Diploma
    You will be certificated as the “Social Entrepreneurship Practitioner” after completing the program and passing the examination at the end of final semester.
  • Financial Support
    You will access to the banks, venture capitals, or financial aids through our network. You will also be introduced to the venture pitches to raise your financing.
  • Business and Technical Support
    You will access to specialists who are lawyers of business, social security, and judicial, and tax accountants. You can contact them anytime. IT and Web consultants are also available to contact if you need.

Admission information

Enrolling month/ April, October
Tuition/ Regular course


We provide the Management Consulting Service. Please feel free to ask.

How to enroll/ Please fill out the application form on our website and ask us about detail information by email.

Social entrepreneur college profile

Name Social Entrepreneur College Inc.
Year established 2010
CEO Hayashi, Hiroki
  • Education for social entrepreneurship
  • Corporate training for social business
  • Consulting for social entrepreneurs
  • Consulting for corporation and government
  • Consulting for schools and colleges

Frontier Shinjuku Tower Office, 3-9-7 Nishishinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

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( Weekday13:00~22:00 )